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Hot Shot Trucking Services

Are you looking for a trucking company that can transport your smaller, time-sensitive cargo from one destination to the next? If so, we invite you to request the local hot shot trucking services of Rodriguez Express Inc. Ranked among the finest of all hot shot freight teams in the region, we are here to serve you. From last minute product deliveries to bundles of construction materials, we transport it all. Between our drivers, our trucks, and our trailers, we are confident we’ll give you the last-minute and on-time service you deserve.

Would you like to learn more about our trucking and delivery services? If so, call (951) 681-0834 today.

Handling Your Hot Shot Freight

There are some shipments that need same-day delivery. These shipments may contain construction materials, construction equipment, fresh produce, or a customer’s cherished belongings. In times such as these, there is only one local trucking company worth calling—and that is ours.

Same-Day Delivery Guaranteed

Why wait for five to seven business days for those shipments only traveling 50 miles or less? Look to hot shot freight companies like ours when you don’t want to wait for a second longer for your time-sensitive shipments. After procuring your cargo, we will set out on our delivery journey. When we set a time for delivery, you can bet that we will arrive on time.

Trust Our Trailers

We rely on the finest hot shot trailers available today. From bumper pull trailers and gooseneck trailers to deck-over trailers, we deploy them all. Our versatile array of truck trailers will surely satisfy your shipping needs.

Eager to tap into our hot shot trucking services once and for all? We don’t blame you. Call us at your convenience.

Reputable Truck Drivers at Your Service

We take pride in our vehicles and our equipment, but that’s not all we are proud of. We also boast the most celebrated truck drivers and delivery crews in the region. We are the ones to call when you want your shipments to arrive at their destination in pristine condition. We take every precaution necessary, and we are always looking for ways to innovate and refine our services.

Taking Care of Your Cargo

We have had the opportunity to handle shipments of all varieties. We have served families, individuals, business owners, construction firms, and everyone in between. Some of the cargo and freight we transport on a regular basis includes:

  • Heavy-duty construction equipment
  • Farm equipment
  • Fresh produce
  • Electronics
  • Lumber and construction materials
  • And more

With our hot shot trucks and trailers at the helm, we can transport cargo up to 16,500 pounds so long as it does not exceed 40-feet in length.

Hold Out for Our Hot Shot Truckers

Local hot shot trucking is all about convenience and professionalism. Enlist the expertise of our delivery teams when you want your valuables to arrive at their destination on time, without issue, and for an affordable shipping rate. Call us at (951) 681-0834 now to book our highly valued trucking services.

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